This website, the author and how to contact me


You can reach me by email: [email protected] (PGP key)
I'm also on Discord, Kody#1337. You might find me lurking on one or two SU discord servers.
And finally, there's a Twitter account for the website: @sugrocks.

About the website

The SU-like logo uses the Crystal Universe font by MaxiGamer.
Icons from FontAwesome.

Technical stuff
The server is Running on Ubuntu and page are served from a NGINX webserver, behind Cloudflare as a CDN.
I generate static files using Python3 scripts and Jinja2 as a template engine.

Are you related to the Vimeo user "/sug/ rocks"?
Nope, I have nothing to do with this channel.

Website changes
Jul 27 2016 Public launch
Jul 27 2016 Leakbot added
Aug 2 2016 Added a countdown
Aug 5 2016 Added downloads
Aug 9 2016 Leaks are now hosted on our servers
Aug 13 2016 RSS for downloads, threads and leaks completed
Aug 17 2016 Moved from my personnal server to an independant server
Aug 18 2016 Added 404 and about pages
Aug 26 2016 Added individual episodes downloads, mirror from Mega
Sep 1 2016 Added 8ch's /sugen/ to the thread list (only one thread)
Sep 13 2016 Added Pushbullet channels. Why not?
Sep 14 2016 Filter Spanish episodes and gets title + synopsis for leaks.
Sep 26 2016 Added go.sug.rocks
Oct 5 2016 Added "Random Media" page
Oct 14 2016 LEAKBOT moved to Switerland, bugs added
Nov 29 2016 First beta for new design
Dec 26 2016 API now available for third party use
Dec 30 2016 All our code is now open source and new design launched
Feb 01 2017 We made a Discord server and bots for it
Feb 11 2017 Server has been hugged to death due to huge load by monkeys destroying their F5 key
May 29 2017 Removed /sugen/ because no one gives a damn. Also 8ch API isn't that great
Sep 16 2017 Schedule webapp is now part of CTOON. Old URL still works, might start redirecting someday.
Dec 12 2017 LEAKBOT is now part of CTOON for every show and archives the data, so people coming for other shows can now enjoy it. A new CTOON API was put in place too.
Feb 7 2018 LEAKBOT died with a change on how CN manages their catalog.

About the author

Who the fuck are you?
Why do you even care about that?
I'm a >guy who likes to write some code (it's shit). Call me Kody.
Living in Switzerland (not the German part), I'm mostly joining "late-night" /sug/ threads (which are in the morning here).
If I use a tripcode (which is either with the "/sug/.rocks/" or "kdy" name), it's !!R3dGoVcANic.

You're one of those fucking furries, aren't you?
No, I'm not part of the furry community. I'm not "Kody the Fox".
I've been involved on some other communities, but I just like cartoons in general.

Learn to speak English properly!
I promise I'm doing my best. :(

You're someone from the crewniverse trying to make us hype!!!one!
Of course I am! If you only knew how much fun it is to choose specific images without context and see what you will all say about it. /s