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Copy/paste it, edit it and WE'RE BACK BABY

Wait for the current thread to go to page 10 before opening a new thread.
On /co/, paste this in the subject field and remove the first line:

Edit [TITLE] with a title of your choice and [POST] with last OP's ID.

Somehow reached the 2000 characters limit? Want some shorter URLs to share? Here's some:
  • 1080p: https://su-g.pw/mega1080
  • Comics, soundtracks, older 720p/1080p episodes: https://su-g.pw/mega720
  • Weekly airing schedule (click to the right of the logo, times in EST): https://su-g.pw/schedule
  • 2 minute clips and screenshots from CN's server: https://su-g.pw/misseps
  • Archived threads for /co/: https://su-g.pw/co-arch
  • Archived threads for /trash/: https://su-g.pw/trash-arch